Two month project done at Nuvu Studio in Spring 2019. 
Relevant skills: Rhinoceros/Grasshopper, laser cutting.
Collaborators: Janice Tabin, Tinna Grönfeldt, Stefano Pagani, Pierre Belizaire, Louie Adamian, Satchel Sieniewicz, Jakob Sperry, and Maddie Johnson-Harwitz.
Whoever you are, we too lie in drifts at your feet is an interactive installation designed for the Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow, Scotland. The piece consists of a field of swaying reeds, leading to a central clearing under an overarching canopy of lights. The goal of the piece was to design an environment in which people would have interactions with those outside their normal circles. The dense propagation of the reeds encourages change encounters, collaborative exploration, and shared sanctuary.
The inst consists of a field of bamboo "reeds" that will be placed in the heart of the Kelvinside school. Each bamboo piece is attached to a self righting base made out of concrete. This allows the user to push through the reeds without knocking them down.
In the field of reeds is a secluded clearing with warm lighting. This creates an environment in which the students can feel relaxed and distant from the stressful school environment, while also providing a space for students to convene.​​​​​​​
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